The WCA Foundation

The Workers’ Compensation Association of New Mexico Foundation, established in 2011, stands as a testament to our commitment to the families affected by workplace tragedies. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we work closely yet independently from the WCA of NM, focusing on a mission that touches the very heart of our community: providing educational scholarships to the children of New Mexico workers who have either lost their lives or faced catastrophic injuries on the job. The Toby Wright Memorial Fund is at the core of our efforts, named in honor of a legacy that continues to inspire and support the educational aspirations of our youth.
Who is eligible for a scholarship?
Children in New Mexico, aged 16 to 25, whose parent suffered a catastrophic injury or was fatally injured in an employment-related accident covered by a New Mexico worker’s compensation claim, are eligible. These children must aim to further their education in New Mexico, attending colleges, universities, or trade schools leading to professional certification.
What are the criteria?
Applicants must demonstrate a significant decline in family income due to their parent’s injury or death. They should maintain a GPA of 2.5 or above, with at least 12 credit hours per semester/quarter, to be eligible for recurring support.
When and how to apply?
Applications are accepted annually, with scholarships awarded prior to each academic term. Prospective students can apply during their senior year of high school, and must include a detailed budget, transcripts, and a copy of the FAFSA application. For continuous support, recipients are required to reapply each term.
What does the scholarship cover?
Scholarship funds can be allocated towards tuition, books, housing, meals, and course fees, based on the committee’s review of the submitted budget.
Where to apply?

Applications and further details are available through our website. For direct inquiries or to submit applications, please contact:

Brock Carter
Phone: 505-259-8354

Or send your completed forms to:
Workers’ Compensation Association of New Mexico
2900 Wellesley Dr. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107